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  JB Autocare - An auto service company specializing in Volvo vehicles. Automotive Service & Repair is Squamish BC
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Oil Changes, Tire Swaps, Air Conditioning, General Vehicle Maintenance.

The JB Team

Offering Import & Domestic Vehicle Services

We specialize in Volvo automotive service & repair, and automotive air conditioning
service & repair

The JB team is committed to providing our customers with quality care and service support for their vehicles. With an experienced team servicing the Sea to Sky and Squamish area for over 30 years, we recognize that a great reputation speaks for itself. We work hard to maintain that level of loyalty to our customers and want them to feel like they are well taken care of.

While specializing in Volvo vehicles, we also work with all vehicle makes. Automotive air conditioning service and 4x4 lifts are among some of the specialized services we offer in addition to our general vehicle maintenance and repair items.

We are proud to offer our customers fresh roasted coffee from Soave and Galileo Coffee roasters!

Hours of Operation: 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.